2008 Seat Leon by Je Design

2008 Seat Leon by Je Design

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2008 Seat Leon by Je Design

JE DESIGN, well-known for high-quality SEAT refinements enlarges its extensive programme for the current Leon. Apart from already known changes concerning aerodynamics, the motor and wheels, the German tuning expert now offers a carbon foil in various colours which serves as an alternative to a new car paint. In addition, safety-enhancing LED daylight running lights can be obtained.

The core modification is the performance enhancement of the 2,0 TDI motor. Instead of the serial 103 kW (140 hp), it now renders bouncing 130 kW (176 hp). The torque increases by 85 Nm to 405 Nm. The changes at the motor management enable a better driving performance: 214 km/h top speed (serial model: 205 km/h) and the car propels from 0 to 100 in only 8.3 seconds (serial model 9.3). The performance enhancement comes with a part certificate by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV). Naturally, the TDI continues to meet the emissions inspection regulations. The price includes a one-year warranty applicable to the engine, drive train and gearbox. If desired, this warranty can be prolonged at extra charge for another year. A performance enhancement for the 2,0 TFSI with 147 kW / 200 hp is also available.

JE-DESIGN headlights masks and a sportive front spoiler give the Seat Leon even more of a racing prestige. Moreover, the rear boasts with a new skirt attachment which already comes with gaps for a stainless steel four-pipe silencer by JE DESIGN. The end pipes measure 90mm and are made of chromed stainless steel. JE DESIGN enhances the side face with a side sill set. The entire aerodynamic part are also available as complete kit. Also, JE DESIGN offers the front grill for 109 € which confers additional aggressiveness to the Leon.

Daytime running lights – a nicer appearance and more safety

The latest highlight by JE DESIGN is the LED daytime running light which is fitted to the car front with an air inlet plate in carbon-look. This LED daytime running light fulfills two functions at the same time. When the dimmed headlights are on, the LEDs are dimmed to the parking lights mode (position light) which renders an extraordinary appearance at nighttime. When the dimmed lights are turned off, the LEDs shine brighter than in the parking light mode and increase road safety due to a better visibility during daytime.

Carbon-Look instead of car paint

As “car paint”, JE DESIGN decided to apply an entire car film with CFC foil in 3D carbon-look. This innovative foil bears a striking resemblance to carbon and gives the Leon a noble, semi gloss shine. As this foil can be ordered in various colours, it sets the stage for the Leon with coloured contrasts, such as black/white. If desired, the car can only be partially equipped with car film.

The customer can choose from five wheel-sets. The highlight of the range measuring 17, 18 and 19 inches is the complete wheel-set “Multispoke” in matt black measuring 8,0 x 19 ET 45 with 225/35 R 19 Y wheels.

JE DESIGN also ensures that the Seat Leon is not swept off the road by its power. The suspension programme culminates in a coil-over which changes the ground clearance of this fiery Spaniard between 35-65 mm. Alternatively the refining specialist offers a more sportive road performance with sport springs. If desired, a 4-piston sport brake (330 x 28 mm) at the front axle guarantees a constantly effective deceleration from high velocities.