Buying the right car as spring comes around

Even the first glimpse of spring really does bring the urge to get out and about to make the most of it. And if you are not a jogger then this involves a car, a winding road and a final destination of a countryside pub for lunch. For a motoring enthusiast getting behind the wheel of a great-driving car during spring is as good as it gets and here are just some of the cars that can heighten the enjoyment:… Continue reading

There is a small car for every lifestyle

The car market has evolved to such an extent where there are genuinely cool and premium vehicles in every segment. Small cars especially are now bigger and better than ever before; providing exceptional value for money in a car that would have previously been limited in its ability. Whatever your requirements, there is now a small car to cope with everything; from standing out in the crowd, providing driving excitement and enough practical models to cope with the rigours of family life.… Continue reading

Premium vs regular family hatchbacks

Family hatchbacks are highly popular for many smaller households as they deliver practicality, performance and affordability in one neat package. For many years you would not look past the likes of Ford and VW for a hatchback as they were truly the only options, but now out the woodwork has come the budget brands and more recently the premium car makers to take their slice of the pie.… Continue reading

Full Reveal Of Vauxhall Astra VXR EXTREME Concept

One month ago, the first image of the new radical Vauxhall Geneva concept was shown. If you have followed us, then you’ll probably remember its name: Vauxhall Astra VXR EXTREME Concept. It is said that the car produces over 300 hp (220 kW) due to its 2.0-litre turbo engine, which makes it the most powerful front-wheel drive the brand has ever developed. … Continue reading

Suzuki Swift SZ-L Special Edition Goes On Sale

Suzuki Swift SZ-L Special Edition has been unveiled and it was also announced by the brand that the customers won’t wait longer until its sale starts on 1st of March this year. The model will have a very limited production run of only 500 units. 

Precisely, the special edition is based on the 1.2-litre SZ3 model, but as one might guess, it adds more equipment and features which were designed to improve the sporty and fun to drive character of Swift.… Continue reading

Useful driving tips for the winter months

Winter driving can be very fun or very dangerous and it is really tough for inexperienced driver. Even those who have many miles behind their backs can struggle in some situations. Still, there are some advices which can be very useful to stay calm and safe in snow conditions. You can check for such tips and hints at Compare The Market, who created an infographic with some good ideas for handling in difficult situations.… Continue reading

Renault Envisage Self-Driving Car by 2020

It seems like the beginning of every new year brings new reports on the advent of driverless car technology. Renault have recently announced that their vision for autonomous driving includes the release of the new NEXT TWO by the end of the decade.

Renault’s marketing pitch for the radical new design is as follows:

“Loss of time, tiredness, stress, wasted fuel… Such is the lot of the modern-day motorist, on roads that are becoming increasingly congested.… Continue reading