Schwabenfolia Audi RS3 Gold Orange

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Schwabenfolia Audi RS3 Gold OrangeTo create positive attention and therefore settle out of the crowd, a car must either fall out of the frame in terms of performance or show visual advantages. Ideally even both.

Once again the foliation specialist SCHWABENFOLIA from Korntal-Munchingen in Baden-Wurttemberg has managed to treat this fine line successfully. In this case an initially “born” in Suzuka Grey Metallic Audi RS3 has been turned into an unique by means of foiling in mat Gorange Metallic. Behind this lies nothing but a very successful mix of gold and orange, now merged to Gorange.

SchwabenFolia Mitsubishi Evo X STEALTH FIGHTER

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SchwabenFolia Mitsubishi Evo X STEALTH FIGHTERThe Mitsubishi Lancer saw the light of day in the lower middle class in 1973. Almost precisely 5.000 units were produced in 1992 for the car or motorsport designed Mitsubishi Lancer Evo(lution) I, also the first stage of development with 250 HP. Due to an extremely large number of rally successes in the meantime nine (!) further development stages have joined them. Thus, the Evo X, which will be discussed here, goes in the race, with 295 series-HP from displacement of two litres.

Schwabenfolia Volkswagen Golf R

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In place of his early six-cylinder engines in the R32 (so called because of 3.2-liter displacement), Volkswagen has not placed – as actually expected – the R36, but for ecological reasons the short and concise called Golf R with “discreet” 2 liters capacity, lower fuel consumption and more favorable carbon dioxide emissions. And nevertheless, the Golf R by Volkswagen with its 270 hp (or 199 kW) and 350 Nm of torque is the most powerful production Golf, at least so far.