Get to Know Your Coolant System

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Not many people pay attention to their car’s cooling system. Especially when a car has low mileage, there’s little to be concerned about, however, as the miles pile on things may start to happen. Lets take a look at what your coolant system does and things that you can do to make it last for years.

The primary job of an automobile’s cooling system is to remove the excess heat generates as you run your engine. As a result of combustion, the coolant temperature in a car can heat up to well over 200 degrees, and that energy has to go somewhere! That’s when the engine coolant starts working. The coolant absorbs engine heat and transfers it to the radiator where it is dissipated into the outside air.

As a car owner, you should know that a major factor that affects the reliability of your cooling system is the frequency of regular maintenance it receives -such as coolant changes and checks of hoses and belts. Motorists should consult their owner’s manual for specific recommendations about how often to flush the coolant system and change the coolant. A coolant removes dirt or sediment that has accumulated over the years.

Something that all drivers should know how is how to check the coolant level in their cars. It should be regularly checked at the reservoir and there are indicator lines that will show you what level it should be at. If you are unfamiliar with what your car’s coolant reservoir looks like, and how indicator level lines work, consult your owner’s manual. If the coolant is low in the reservoir, Reedman Toll Jaguar recommends a 50/50 mix of approved antifreeze and water should be added. By the way, when the coolant level is checked, do a visual inspection of hoses, belts for age-related cracks, and the radiator for any coolant leaks.

Drivers should always be aware of signs of trouble, particularly with older cars. Obvious signs of cooling system problems are the vehicle temperature gauge on the dash rising near the danger zone. If the temperature gauge does rise into the red zone, you can be almost certain that you have a cooling system problem of some sort. If see leakage of a green fluid inside your car, under the hood or on the ground under your car, you likely have a coolant leak and should consult a mechanic.

The coolant systems in today’s cars are very reliable and only need periodic maintenance. If you attend to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and perform a visual inspection periodically, your car’s coolant system should last for many, many years.

Lorinser 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Aero Package

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Bespoke options for the Mercedes Benz SL 500 – Sportservice Lorinser shows their class once again in their  refinements to luxury cars. 

A standard Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (R231) is already among the classiest and most  sporty cars on our roads, but the customised two seater from Lorinser almost makes it look plain. From the bodywork which is designed to reduce lift, to the powerful performance upgrades and the striking light-alloy wheels, the specialists from the southern German town of Waiblingen have shown their dedication to almost every aspect of the luxury car, and made their exclusive clientele’s automobile dreams a  reality.

Vorsteiner Tuning Program for the Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG

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Introducing the new program for the Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG.

  • Front Add-on Spoiler Carbon Fiber
  • Front Hood Grill Replacement Carbon Fiber
  • Front Fender Grill Cover Carbon Fiber
  • Side Skirt Panels Carbon Fiber
  • Rear Boot Lid Spoiler Carbon Fiber
  • Rear Vented Diffuser Element Carbon Fiber
  • 19, 20, or 21 Inch Forged Wheels Forged Aluminum
  • Stainless or Titanium Sport Exhaust system
  • Vorsteiner Custom Embroidered Floor Mats and Trunk Mats with Piping Color Option

Components will be available in the late summer of 2012

MEC Design Mercedes-Benz S550

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MEC Design has announced their tuning package for Mercedes-Benz S550, which is exclusively built for the US.

The vehicle rolls on a new set of three-piece alloys with the wheel center in a black silk finish and the outer lip in a black gloss finish. The front wheels measure 10J x 21″, while the rear are 11J x 21″. The front axle rolls on 255/30 ZR21 tires while the rear wheels are covered by 295/30ZR21 rubbers.

Other changes to this S550 include the addition of the Electronic Lowering System which is capable of bringing the car down by up to 60mm, along with a new four-pipe stainless steel exhaust system.

The cabin gets a new sports steering wheel and a piano black finish for the center console and the dashboard inlays. The floor mats now come with special edging, while the grill covering has the same color as the body.

SLS ROADSTER by VATH Automobiltechnik – 702 HP

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Since November 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster is the first vehicle independently developed by AMG for sale. In a relatively short time many prospective customers have given in to the magical charm of Swabian sports car, which program is Sport Leicht Super (the short form being SLS). Such a tidbit in the best sense needs no correction, or does it?

Increase in efficiency in everything that company works with is one of many special spheres of VÄTH Company in Bavarian Hösbach. As for the here represented SLS Roadster, a bundle of measures has been taken with this V63 SUPERCHARGED, i.e. installation of compressor kits and an air box, individual sharp tuning of the engine electronics and the increase of the Vmax. This once again proves its efficiency. Out of the 6.208 cm³ in the company was able to get 515 kW = 702 or 850 Nm torsion torque for 3.6 seconds for the spurt from 0 to 100 km/h and a Vmax of 330 km/h (Attention to tyres operating permit!). With the data on the fuel cooler and the enlarged gear box oil cooler, the car features more helpful tools. To optimize the high performance brake system the car has been equipped with brake discs of more than 405-mm on VA and the extremely robust steel flax lines. A stainless steel exhaust system with throttle control is installed on demand. As an alternative there is also (certain export only) a stainless steel exhaust system with sports catalyst. As far as the “invisible part”.

WIMMER Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG – 624HP

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You must be joking about PONYHOF by WIMMER Rennsporttechnik

The Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Performance is – as by the way everything labeled by AMG – under the guiding principle of handmade engineering art of the extra class. It can produce with 487HP quite easily, the as it has been fully demonstrated by C 204T. But there must be a significant number of pragmatists to whom it is not enough.

2013 Mercedes A-Class price €23 978

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With the new A-Class, Mercedes-Benz is opening up a new chapter in the compact segment: markedly emotive in design, with powerful engines ranging from 80 kW (109 hp) to 155 kW (211 hp), extremely efficient with emissions from just 98 g of CO2/km and a best-in-class drag coefficient of 0.27. At the same time the new model underlines that for Mercedes-Benz, safety is not a question of price – the standard specification includes, amongst other things, the radar-based COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST system. Prices start at €23,978.50 (incl. 19% VAT) for the A 180 BlueEFFICIENCY. The new A-Class is available to order with immediate effect.

“The new A-Class is the heartbeat of a new generation at Mercedes-Benz”, stresses Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for Sales & Marketing. “We have taken the opportunity to design a completely new vehicle which sets standards in its segment. I am convinced that the new A-Class will make a significant contribution to our Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy.”