LARTE Black Crystal is Conquering More and More Cities Around the World

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2015 Larte Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Black Crystal Front AnglePassionate drivers hate traffic jams – but they will love this “traffic gem” called LARTE Black Crystal, which has been photographed in Moscow’s golden autumn weather. And of course this name wasn’t chosen to support a play of words but with good reason. “Macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations”, says the encyclopedia. The LARTE

Recent AMG C 63 S optimized by Wimmer RS

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2015 Wimmer RS Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Front AngleThe area of electronic and mechanical power upgrading – which means in clear chip tuning, engine and exhaust system conversions – is field of activities of WIMMER Rennsporttechnik at Solingen since more than 20 years. Under most recent conditions and corresponding to the MOT certification demands, the team around managing director Thorsten WIMMER works in a 2.400 m² workshop, if it matters to make works on engine aeration, exhaust systems, chassis techniques, sports clutches, braking systems or car accessories.

Mercedes V-Class by Hartmann Tuning

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2015 Hartmann Tuning Mercedes-Benz V-Class Front AngleNo doubt: The all-new V-Class of Mercedes-Benz is a very stylish Multi Purpose Vehicle with a dynamic presence. So far so good. But what about a distinctive appearance? Luckily HARTMANN TUNING has all you need for a more powerful and individual look.

Size, comfort and sportiness perfectly united in just one car: this is the Mercedes V-Class refined by HARTMANN TUNING. The VANSPORTS-VP-Spirit aerodynamic parts made

Eibach Pro-Kit and Pro-Spacer for the Mercedes C 63 AMG

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2016 Eibach Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Front AngleThe C 63 AMG is a great sports car with its 476 HP of power. If you want to take it to the max, the addition of the Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs increase the driving fun and improve the car’s visual appearance.

This discreet lowering of the centre of gravity underlines the attractive design of the car’s body. And it also makes for a better handling in the corners. Elegance and sportiness, dynamism and comfort are all remarkably well attuned.

LUMMA Design Presents their Wide Body Conversion for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

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2015 LUMMA Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe CLR G800 Front AngleA few days before the Frankfurt IAA opens for manufacturers and tuners to present their wares, LUMMA Design debuts their spectacular LUMMA CLR G 800, the first ever wide-body conversion for the new Mercedes GLE Coupé.

All constituent parts of this conversion are manufactured from high quality carbon-fibre or OEM quality PU RIM, and use the original factory mounting points where applicable. Upon customer request, LUMMA Design will paint and fit this conversion and provide German TÜV certification.

Folien Experte Offers Multifaceted Car-Wrapping in Perfection

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2015 Folien Experte Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG Fornt AngleSince 2007, Car-Wrapping has been besides a wide range of services bread and butter of Darmstadt based company Folien Experte. The team headed by Oliver BECKER in cooperation with many other partner companies deals with exact implementation of apparently still complicated customer wishes. Consequently, the result of consciously very high standards regarding the quality of own work is at least the same high customer satisfaction.

Mercedes GT S with Impressing Wheelwork by LOMA-Wheels

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2015 Loma Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS Front AngleSince its foundation in 2008, wheels are the absolute passion of the LOMA company in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Under creative leadership of Mario RADOSAVLJEVIC – by the way, a man with the reputation never to sleep and ever to be in contact – are manufactured forged aluminum wheels and exclusive aerodynamic hang-on parts. In order to be able to make all necessary tests in fields of racing sports and after market, the decision was a subsequent one to displace the company head quarter to Marbella – after “stopover” in the Catalan Barcelona. Near this place, the Circuito Ascari, which is popular also inside of German racing teams, is at the company’s disposition.

Mercedes-Benz V-CLASS Low Cost Upgraded by VATH

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2015 VATH Mercedes-Benz V-class Front AngleAs well known, car and engine techniques are the field of business of the worldwide renown VATH company at the Bavarian city of Hoesbach near Aschaffenburg. Center of attention are both car tuning in ever new variations and restoration of old cars. By the way, the latter is most near and dear of the company’s leading team. And the customers’ response shows that this field of commerce is absolutely trendy. The whole aims to present the exceptional in its most beautiful shape, at the end.