DMC + LP720 + Roadster = ?

2014 DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP720 Roadster Front Angle

If there is one unified question that has been asked since the unveiling of the LP720, it’s got to be “Why doesn’t this bull come with a wing?”. Surprisingly the car is delivered with a stunning body, that just screams for a spoiler as we had earlier seen it on the “J” or the “Veneno”.… Continue reading

The New Zaragoza Front Spoiler for the Lamborghini Aventador-V

2014 Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador-V Front

For the last few months, we have been working on the newest addition to the Aventador-V program, the Zaragoza front spoiler. The new front spoiler was a particularly difficult feat of ingenuity, artistry, and craftsmanship as it is constructed to fit with the existing OE front bumper in a single piece of carbon fiber.… Continue reading

2014 SR Auto Lamborghini Aventador

2014 SR Auto Lamborghini Aventador Front Angle

SR Auto Lamborghini Aventador We couldn’t wait a day longer to debut this magnificent Lamborghini Aventador project that we have been working on. Without further adieu, we would like to present you with the best Vancouver has ever seen. Fitted with the full PUR package, the Aventador is dressed head to toe in the best there is to offer.… Continue reading

DMC Lamborghini LP630 Huracan “AFFARI”

2014 DMC Lamborghini Huracan AFFARI Front Angle

We just received some leaked photos, that show more details about DMC’s upcoming LP630 Huracán. The company has made itself a name for stunning Lamborghini styling & performance packages, their latest creation seems to be no different:

The Huracán “AFFARI” is Italian for an “affair” – one most of us certainly wouldn’t mind to have.… Continue reading

Lamborghini World Premiere of Veneno Roadster on Italian aircraft carrier in Abu Dhabi

The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster made its public debut on board the Italian naval aircraft carrier Nave Cavour on 1 December 2013.

At an exclusive ‘Italian evening’ attended by authorities, clients, VIPs and media, the limited edition super sports car, of which only nine will be produced, was formally unveiled on the flight deck of the 240 metre ship while docked in Abu Dhabi’s Mina Zayed port.

Continue reading

2013 xXx-Performance Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini has been experiencing an upward trend once again, since the Volkswagen Group took the legendary sports car creation (with the bull in its emblem) under its wing. The flat and polygonal Gallardo has particularly enjoyed immense popularity. The truth however is that Gallardo is fired by “only” a V10 engine and not by a V12 driving power as is traditionally the case with Lamborghini.… Continue reading