Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Turbo Coupe Amazon Green by Kahn Design

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1993 Kahn Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Turbo Coupe Amazon Green Front AngleThe Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Turbo Coupe is one of the most charismatic sports cars of our time.

One has to bear in mind, that although Porsche had entered new territory with this unique model. This Amazon Green 911, complete with a Stone Grey Leather Interior retains the silhouette of the original Porsche design.

Kahn Design Range Rover Vogue Black Label Edition

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Kahn Design Range Rover Vogue Black Label EditionThe new generation of Range Rovers are starting to turn up all over the world and the general consensus is that this car reaches new heights in all areas

Afzal Kahn’s obsession with turning some of the most iconic cars on the road into fashion statements is nothing new. Since the Range Rover’s global launch at the Paris Auto Salon A. Kahn Design have been feverishly working to develop suitable aftermarket enhancement parts.

Kahn Design Land Rover Defender Harris Tweed Edition

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Afzal Kahn insists the road is his catwalk and true to his mantra, the iconic British designer has combined what can only be described as the “the Champagne of fabrics” we are talking about the only fabric in the world governed by its own *Act of Parliament: Harris Tweed – with a descendent of the all-terrain vehicle developed in 1947 on the 250-acre Anglesey farm of joint Rover MD Maurice Wilks: the iconic Defender.

This is a fashion statement in every single sense of the word and the nearly-seventy-year-old original Defender, treated to a makeover by the principal British Designer under the guise of the Kahn expedition Vehicles Umbrella and aptly titled: The Defender Concept 17 Wide Body – Harris Tweed Prototype is proof Afzal Kahn is a keen supporter of investing in British Industry.

On paper, it should not work. However, Defender owners need not exercise caution, for Harris Tweed is a ‘noble’ fabric that is favoured by Afzal Kahn and is applied to many of his products.

Kahn Design Range Rover Evoque

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Building on the previous Vesuvius package we saw earlier this year, A. Kahn Design has further refined the Evoque’s styling to create a look that will ensure owners stand out from the crowd when behind the wheel of their custom Evoque.

Improving on the stunning lines of the stock version is no easy task, as the founder of A. Kahn Design, Afzal Kahn, will quickly point out.  
“It was a very complicated car to work but we worked within the factory style lines and I put my heart and soul into this. We spent thousands of hours working on this car because I wanted to ensure it isn’t seen as a conventional car but as something more serious for the road,” Kahn explains.