2013 xXx-Performance Lamborghini Gallardo

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Lamborghini has been experiencing an upward trend once again, since the Volkswagen Group took the legendary sports car creation (with the bull in its emblem) under its wing. The flat and polygonal Gallardo has particularly enjoyed immense popularity. The truth however is that Gallardo is fired by “only” a V10 engine and not by a V12 driving power as is traditionally the case with Lamborghini. Moreover, it has no gull-wing doors and is even driven by all four wheels. Meaning that the “small” bull has defied all conventions!

Frankfurt Auto Show 2013: Lamborghini Presents The New Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse

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2014 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra CorseThe Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse will be presented for the first time at the 2013 Frankfurt auto show. The Squadra Corse delivers high levels of performance while bringing the thrills associated with motorsport to the street-legal world. This new and most extreme model in the Gallardo line-up is based on the Gallardo Super Trofeo, the race car that features in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo – the world’s fastest one-make series. The Squadra Corse will be a limited production model, priced at € 191.100, plus tax.

Lamborghini Announces Commitment To GT3 Program With Reiter Engineering

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Lamborghini Gallardo GT3Lamborghini has announced a new GT3 motorsport program. The long-term agreement will commence with a new car for the 2013 and 2014 seasons: the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FL2, developed by Reiter Engineering in cooperation with Lamborghini’s R&D motorsport department.

Based on the new Gallardo MY13, a focus of the new GT3 FL2′s development is on long-distance performance and includes ’24-hour’ brakes, improved engine cooling and reduced fuel consumption. The car features a highly efficient aero kit, a new front splitter, a rear carbon diffuser based on that developed for the Super Trofeo and an overall improved power to weight performance, with the GT3 FL2′s weight reduced by 25kg over the previous Gallardo GT3.

Celebration of Lamborghini Hong Kong 20th Anniversary

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Proudly Launched: Lamborghini HK 20th Anniversary Edition

June 28, 2012- Kingsway Cars Ltd. unveiled the “Gallardo LP550-2 Hong Kong 20th Anniversary Edition” at the Arcade, the Cyber Port to celebrate its 20 years collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini as its official dealer.

Automobili Lamborghini, the world renowned Italian supercar manufacturer, has operated through its official Hong Kong dealer Kingsway Cars since 1992. Over the past 20 years in Hong Kong, Lamborghini and Kingsway Cars have introduced a series of iconic models, from the ground-breaking Diablo in the 1990′s to the Aventador, Lamborghini’s newest offering. Throughout this period, the brand has also established itself as a leading player in Hong Kong, built on a solid foundation of exceptional sales and after-sales service quality.