DMC + LP720 + Roadster = ?

2014 DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP720 Roadster Front Angle

If there is one unified question that has been asked since the unveiling of the LP720, it’s got to be “Why doesn’t this bull come with a wing?”. Surprisingly the car is delivered with a stunning body, that just screams for a spoiler as we had earlier seen it on the “J” or the “Veneno”.… Continue reading

DMC Lamborghini LP630 Huracan “AFFARI”

2014 DMC Lamborghini Huracan AFFARI Front Angle

We just received some leaked photos, that show more details about DMC’s upcoming LP630 Huracán. The company has made itself a name for stunning Lamborghini styling & performance packages, their latest creation seems to be no different:

The Huracán “AFFARI” is Italian for an “affair” – one most of us certainly wouldn’t mind to have.… Continue reading

DMC Ferrari Berlinetta F12 SPIA


DMC Luxury Tuning Company is mostly famous for its refined Lamborghinis. However, we are now presenting their project based on the Ferrari Berlinetta F12. The tuners have developed a special Berlinetta package, which was spotted installed on a Ferrari in Hong Kong. 

Dressed in ultra white paint scheme and dubbed as DMC F12 SPIA, the car boasts the following equipment: carbon fiber body kit with a whole new, aggressive new look and improved aerodynamics, prominent new lip splitter, which extends the car and improves its road stability, a carbon fiber front hood and an optional roof scoop which.… Continue reading

DMC Ferrari 458 Italia ELEGANTE

DMC Ferrari 458 Italia ELEGANTE is here and although the tuning company DMC is more famous with its restyled Lamborghinis, its recent take on the Ferrari is a big. With the release of the 458 Elegante tuning kits the specialists have taken a step further to the unlimited world of transformation. … Continue reading

DMC Officially Introduces Bentley Continental GT DURO China Edition

The luxury car refiner DMC just released their new project: DMC Bentley Continental GT DURO China Edition. The tuners weren’t satisfied with the production look and specifications of the car so they have decided to make it even better. 

Precisely, at first they have added to this exceptional model a redesigned carbon fiber front which extends the car to a further 2 inches, adding to the sporty look.… Continue reading

DMC Lamborghini Murcielago LP700 M-GT

After a year in market, Lamborghini‘s new Aventador is still reported to be completely sold out for the next 12+ months. This is especially painful for owners of the original Murcielago 580 that were hoping to go Aventador-Galore after having passed on the LP640.

After their successfull Murcielago “2011-GT” last year, DMC is now proud to announce the updated M-GT Murcielago, a styling & performance kit that has been engineered for the first generation Murci from the ground up.

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