Alpha-N Performance – Preview of the Alpha-N M2-RS

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2015 Alpha-N BMW M2-RS Front AngleBMW had barely removed the wraps from their brand new M2 when Alpha-N Performance revealed how their in-house ‘RS’ version of this new high-performance coupe might look.

For greater aerodynamic efficiency and a more purposeful appearance, the Alpha-N engineers equipped the aggressive nose of the M2 with a carbon fibre front spoiler featuring an adjustable air splitter and optimised brake-cooling vents. Carbon-fibre is also used for sculpted elements on the front bumper and side sills.

BMW Group Announces the First Integration of Enlighten App

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EnLighten App BMWThe BMW Group announced today that it is the first manufacturer to bring the EnLighten App, by Connected Signals, into the car. Drivers of BMW Vehicles with iOS Devices will be able to see traffic signal data on the vehicle’s display in real time. The EnLighten app makes driving in cities easier by helping the driver anticipate traffic signal changes, which can increase safety and help save fuel by avoiding unnecessary acceleration.

The future of cars

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Nowadays even the most basic car isn’t short of technology but how much further can we really take it? I’m not suggesting we are close to building the flying car but take a look at these futuristic technologies that are currently being prototyped today.


As we all know vehicles have a lot more safety features today, one being the airbag. Many have curtain airbags, side airbags, knee airbags and seatbelt airbags but currently Mercedes are testing an airbag that deploys from underneath the car to prevent accidents. Instead of being the passive safety measure it once was, the airbag could become an active safety system.

Spectacular Classic Race Car Collected at BMW Welt

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1979 BMW M1 Procar Front AngleIt was a rare sight on the BMW Welt “Premiere”: On this platform, where customers from all over the globe usually collect their new model vehicles, a 1979 BMW M1 Procar was presented to its owner on Thursday. The unique car had been restored over the years by the BMW Group Classic customer shop and BMW M GmbH, and is now virtually as good as new.

2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible

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2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible Front AngleExtension of the new BMW 2 Series range; maximum dynamics in the premium compact segment now also available in Convertible form; the BMW 2 Series Convertible is the successor to the world’s most popular open-top premium model in this vehicle class (more than 130,000 units sold); systematic development of hallmark strengths of the BMW 1 Series Convertible in terms of driving dynamics, efficiency, agility, athletic elegance, emotion, comfort, functionality and intelligent networking; open-top driving experience of unmatched intensity thanks to typical BMW seat position and wide-opening top; rear-wheel drive – unique in the segment – ensures outstanding dynamics; market launch from February 2015 including BMW M Performance Automobile BMW M235i Convertible.

2015 BMW M4 Convertible

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2015 BMW M4 Convertible Front AngleThe arrival of the new BMW M4 Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 9.1–8.7 l/100 km [31–32.5 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 213–203 g/km) sees BMW M GmbH making another alluring addition to its legendary high-performance sports car line-up. The new M4 Convertible replicates the performance figures of the new BMW M3 Sedan (fuel consumption combined: 8.8–8.3 l/100 km [32.1–34.0 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 204–194 g/km) and the new BMW M4 Coupe (fuel consumption combined: 8.8–8.3 l/100 km [32.1–34.0 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 204–194 g/km), but emphasises its stylish and distinctive appearance through its individual character and places the fascination of sporty and dynamic open-top driving at centre stage. The new model finds BMW M GmbH drawing inspiration from a long tradition: BMW’s high-performance sports car for track and road is entering its fifth generation in open-top form with this new chapter in its history headed “M4 Convertible”.