DMC G88 Limited Edition Mercedes G-Class

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DMC G88 Limited Edition Mercedes G-Class Front AngleGerman Luxury refiner DMC’s just celebrated its 5 year anniversary in Hong Kong. We will cover the event in a separate press release, today let’s focus on the company’s latest creation: The Limited Edition DMC G88 G Class, 5 of 5, was launched at the event to celebrate the tuner’s achievement.

DMC is  a well known Lamborghini specialist. But the designer’s expertise has grown in the past few years, covering other exotics such as Ferrari, McLaren and even Bentley or Rolls Royce. By launching a refinement program for the Mercedes Benz G500/G65 AMG, they opened a new chapter last year.

White Alligator Based on the Lexus LX 570 by Larte Design

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2015 Larte Lexus LX 570 White Alligator Front AngleWhite crocodiles and alligators are a very rare sensation and sometimes even regarded as holy animals. Now, LARTE Design presents a white Alligator on wheels – the specially tuned version of the popular Lexus LX 570. And holy cannoli: This bodywork is really adorable.

Premium tuner LARTE Design has turned the full-size SUV into a much aggressive car, using a complex body kit made of high-quality fiber-glass. Under the black radiator grille a huge silver brace makes for a predator-like appearance. Then we have the LED daytime

GSC Styling for Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222

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2015 GSC Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222 Front AngleIt is now almost exactly four decades since a renowned German automotive magazine bestowed the title of “The best car in the world” on the flagship 450 SEL 6.9 version of the first Mercedes-Benz (W116) model to wear the S-class moniker.

Noble titles are hereditary, and five S-Class generations on from 1975, the current W222 S-Class is still the class benchmark for sheer occupant comfort over long distances.

It’s official – Toyota Mirai Goes the Distance

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2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan Front AngleThe future of mobility is ready to hit the road – and keep going…and going…and going.

The new Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle will offer an EPA-estimated 67 miles per gallon equivalent (mpge) city/highway/combined when it hits dealerships in California this fall, and an EPA-estimated driving range rating of 312 miles on a single fill of hydrogen.

Choosing between 2WD, AWD and 4WD

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It doubtful that there is any vehicle characteristic laden with more confusion and conjecture than the type of drive the vehicle has. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the merits of 2WD vs AWD vs 4WD vehicles and some of these opinions are quite entrenched. In this article we will take a quick look the three different systems so you have some objective data to consider on this subject.


2WD drive systems do exactly what you would think. The engine power is distributed through just 2 of the vehicle’s wheels. Most smaller vehicles today are 2WD with the front wheels being driven (FWD). FWD configurations benefit from having the engine weight balanced over the front wheels. This allows for superior traction and steering.

The History of Honda

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Soichiro Honda founded his Honda company in 1948. Focusing on developing cheap transportation, Honda strapped an engine to a standard bike and created a very efficient means of transportation. This ingenuity was the start of the Honda empire. Ten years later, Honda would reach American land and establish the American Honda Co.

The Honda brand became synonymous with reliable and innovative engineering. The company’s motorcycle division registered a tremendous sales increase and during the 1970′s and Honda became the world’s largest motorbike maker.

Its production of cars however, that had started during the 60′s was rather slow. Honda cars failed to impress the average American driver. The reason: having been designed for the Japanese market, the small-sized cars were a huge contrast to the large vehicles favored by Americans.

What the Heck are Oxygen Sensors?

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If the “Check Engine” light in your car is shining bright, it’s because the control module in your car has sensed a problem. Unfortunately, often it’s because an oxygen sensor has gone bad.

Great, but but exactly what are they?

Oxygen sensors are little devices located on your car’s exhaust system that monitor how your engine is running. Technically they adjust the engine’s air/fuel ratio so that your engine runs well and exhaust emissions are minimized. They typically last over 100K miles but, with cars routinely being used for much longer than that, it is common for O2 sensors to need replacement at some point during a car’s lifetime.

The Range of the Chevy Volt

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The Chevrolet Volt runs longer on its built-in batteries than any other plug-in hybrid on the market today. The Volt’s gasoline engine doesn’t switch on even under maximum acceleration. Why is that? Well, it’s simple, it was designed that way! Furthermore, the 2016 Chevy Volt maintains that feature, and expands its electric range from 38 to 50 miles–ensuring even more all-electric distance.

So who said it was designed with the goal in mind? In an interview with Tim Grewe, chief engineer for vehicle electrification and Pete Savagian, general director of electric drive engineering at General Motors, the two engineers explained that the Volt was designed to travel on pure electricity as far as possible from the very start. In fact, the goal was to eventually reach 50 miles of range in all electric mode.