Road trip to Qatar with Fiat 500: Museum of Islamic Art

Road trip to Qatar starring Fiat 500 @ Museum of Islamic Art. The Fiat livebloggers Tiziana Di Gioia @tizianadigioia, Alex Simonini @alexordie together with David Emmett @motomatters have spent their first day with Fiat 500 visiting the city of Doha! reading

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT- First drive 2010

Per Einarsson – First time out of the garage proper this year. I took a wonderful drive in the early sun to the beach and followed the coastal road over Elsingore and down to Copenhagen – But first I stopped for a smoke in Tisvilde. Maybe I have seen too much Fellini, but I think a beautiful old Donna like the Bertone GT needs ab video tribute – Enjoy reading

PRT 2/2 World Central banks fiat money system collapse

CIA Officer- Robert Steele stresses the importance of Blogging MONTAGE from backburner channel: Bernanke laid down the possibility to abolish the minimum reserve themoderrnmystic video : reading