Lancia Voyager S and Lancia Delta MY 14 debut at Frankfurt 2013

2014 Lancia Voyager S

Lancia has chosen Frankfurt to introduce the new Voyager S which both completes the model series, offering an alternative with a more modern style, and also extends the ‘S’ range – until now comprising of the Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN and the Delta S by MOMODESIGN – expressing Lancia’s ‘urban chic’ nature – a new form of modern elegance, versatile and creative, the fruit of the blending of urban – open-minded, relaxed and expressive – with chic – sophisticated, distinctive and high quality.… Continue reading

Wheeler Dealers

Motorhead Mike Brewer joins forces with his mechanic mate Edd China to show you how to buy a classic car at the right price, fix it up on a budget, and make a tidy profit.

Mike starts with a handy £5,000 and then goes on the hunt for a decent motor for the price – looking through the small ads, internet auctions, specialist clubs and garage forecourts to find the perfect second hand car.… Continue reading

ItaliaspeedTV – "AlfaCity 100", Fort Monostor, Hungary; inc. debut of Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Barely has it become available for test drives and ordering across Alfa Romeo’s Italian network of showrooms than the new Giulietta has arrived in Hungary where it was the absolute shining star as Alfisti gathered en masse to celebrate the occasion of the brand’s centenary. This year’s edition of the highly popular AlfaCity event, which draws participants not only from Hungary but from surrounding countries and ones further afield, would have to be extra special as it fell on the one hundredth birthday of Alfa Romeo, and it meant that the organisers would need to put on an event to match the occasion.… Continue reading

European Car Of The Year: 2009 candidates announced

2008 Alfa Romeo Mito

The European Car of the Year returns in November, and the important competition has just released the candidates relative to the next edition. The 38 participants must be commercialised in at least five countries across the continent in the 12 months prior to the awards ceremony, which will take place in Paris on November 17.… Continue reading

New Lancia Delta Wallpapers

And here we are – it’s finally arrived in the flesh, one of the most waited-for cars of recent years. Fiat Automobiles presented its press release last night (details of which you can find below), along with official shots of the Lancia Delta, which should see a new, articulated image for a brand previously a little in the dark as to its values.… Continue reading

Geneva Video: 2009 Lancia Delta Presentation

Automakers have a tendency to create “mini Broadway shows” when presenting new cars to the members of the press. Lancia on its behalf, unveiled the all-new Delta under the sounds of an… opera band at the Geneva Auto Show. Leaving the presentation aside, the new Delta hatchback can be equipped with diesel and petrol turbo engines, with power outputs from 120 to 200 HP, and manual, robotised or automatic gearboxes.… Continue reading

Lancia Delta first official images

Lancia Delta first official images

Over the weekend reports emerged detailing the new models set to revitalize the Lancia brand, and now the first of these new cars has been revealed with the release of these latest official images. The new car is the legendary Lanica Delta hatch and it’s set to make its world debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show.… Continue reading

Lancia’s future model plans revealed

Lancia’s future model plans revealed

Lancia’s portfolio is set to expand over the next couple with several hot models supposedly making a return including a possible flagship sports car as well as the legendary Delta. Details about the cars were leaked recently by several Lancia managers, who revealed that the revitalized range will kick off later this year with the introduction of a next-generation Delta compact.… Continue reading