Ron Paul: The Problem Is Corporatism and Fiat Money, Not Free-Market Capitalism!

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Please like, share, subscribe & comment! Support Ron Paul for President at his official site http 05/18/2011 — Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, a return to sound monetary policies, and a sensible pro-America foreign policy. For more information visit the following websites: http http http

Land Rover Defender EV, Alfa Romeo SUV, Jaguar C-X75 Green Light, Audi Q5 Cab

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A South African company builds an all electric Land Rover Defender to sneak up on Lions and other animals in the wilderness, Alfa Romeo sets its sights on an SUV for the North American market, Jaguar approves the C-X75 concept hybrid supercar for production and the Audi Q5 may get it’s roof chopped off. Fast Lane Daily hosted by Derek DeAngelis.